As designers we appreciate a fellow designers eye. It’s the eye for detail and the eye for colour that really impresses us.

But on Saturday at the Doncaster Model Railway Exhibition, Doncaster Racecourse, we saw mind blowing amounts of detail. Layouts that must have taken a lifetime to construct with intricate buildings and tiny figures painted with such minute detail. I’m not a train buff but that didn’t matter, by the time I left the exhibition, I wanted a layout like what I’d just seen (I don’t have the space, but so what).

Large model train layout
One of the larger layouts. It took ages to take all the detail in.

Some of the layouts took us back to the docks of Southampton where the Allies were loading the ships for ‘D’ Day. Others took us in to the industrial dirt of a goods yard or the peace and tranquillity of a quaint country stop. And the size of them! Some were enormous and others would fit neatly under your bed.

Model engine shunting

All of the layouts weren’t just ‘have a look and move on’, because if you popped back later they had different trains thundering through stations or shunting wagons backwards and forwards. Some of the steam engines, as tiny as they were, puffed out steam!

And there was no shortage of information, the enthusiasts couldn’t wait to tell you the story of their engine, layout or how they painted a certain wagon.

One of the smaller layouts
One of the smaller layouts, but just the right size for me!
A little bit of steam.
This layout didn’t seem to short of anything.
Back in time. Loading the ships for ‘D’ Day.

It was a day well spent and we’ll definitely be going again next year. Look out for it next year, it’s well worth a visit.