Website change-log

a list of updates & changes for the enthusiastic

Issues ongoing and awaiting fixes:

  • On any page, when viewed horizontally on mobile devices, the navigation appears under social media icons.
  • When the cursor hovers over the arrow icon for pagination, it isn't clickable.
  • Blog pagination numbers are styled incorrectly.
  • Blog author picture overlaps name.


  • Added scroll location bar to the top of the browser.


  • Fixed a layout bug on the home page footer for mobile devices.
  • New blog system for related posts - Work in Progress.
  • Highly refined CSS style sheets for blog posts.
  • Added Author avatar and name on blog posts.


  • Added snow version of the FCD logo and falling snow site-wide, Merry Christmas!
  • NEW home page header and animation, Christmas themed :)
  • NEW home page about text.
  • NEW fancier button rollovers.
  • NEW page location bar at the top of each page, as users scroll, they are shown how far down the page they are.
  • NEW call-to-action on the footer of the home page.
  • UPDATED 'what's happening' and 'featured' sections of the home page.
  • In-lined share buttons to prevent them being missing from future posts.
  • Contact page has fewer breakpoints
  • Removed all CSS animation scripts on home for added stability and performance.
  • Reduced the file size of the FCD logo on all pages by 96% for much faster load times.
  • NEW link structure with parent pages, for example /work/project-page and /blog/post-page
  • Refined mobile post list layout; reduced shadow, font size, image size, and margins for a slightly cleaner look.
  • Fixed vertical height issue on 'Blog' (may be temporary).
  • Fixed a server caching issue.
  • Fixed an issue where some external links are redirecting to non-existing HTTPS versions and displaying a security warning.
  • Fixed the spacing between categories and post title on mobile devices for post pages.
  • Fixed a layout glitch for 'Blog' where the wider the browser, the more unreadable the page became.
  • Heavy back-end refinements and adjustments for better site performance.


  • Fixed a Google Maps height issue for mobile devices and resolved an API issue where the map would become blank.
  • Fixed an issue on 'About' where a white box would appear on the top of the page.
  • Fixed an issue on 'Contact' where text ran under the imagery on certain browser widths.
  • Fixed an issue where the mobile menu was visible on larger desktop displays for all 'Work' pages.


  • Fixed a jQuery issue causing mobile menus to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed a major SSL security issue caused by a incorrect certificate install.
  • Fixed a scrolling error on all pages where the page 'jumps' up if the menu is open and the user scrolls.
  • Fixed a Google Maps issue causing the map to display blank.
  • New mobile menu design.


  • Removed scroll effects on 'Work' pages to improve performance.
  • Fixed a missing video link on 'Video'.
  • Fixed some of the links on the blog which were redirecting to HTTP instead of HTTPS.


  • Added the privacy policy for easy access.
  • Added a cookie notifier.
  • Added SSL security.
  • Added a shortcut to the privacy policy on the following pages: home, about, contact, blog list, blog posts.
  • NEW blog list style:
    • rounded corners.
    • edited button style to match the rest of the site.
    • tweaked mobile layout - thumbnail images were too tall.
    • increased shadow for more depth.
    • increased spacing between list and pagination.


  • Fixed a text link style where it wasn't clear a piece could be clicked.


  • Added an extra clickable layer to featured projects footer on Work pages.
  • New pagination style for 'Blog' to be more intuitive to use.
  • Slight style change of blog posts for mobile devices.
  • Fixed FCD logo link where some users would be redirected to a blank page.
  • Fixed featured image aspect ratio on a blog post page.



  • Increased security.
  • Added cached pages for much faster load times.


  • Fixed 2 missing links on home page.
  • Fixed a bug on 'Geoquip Cyber Security Video' where images were displaying incorrectly on mobile.
  • Fixed a rollover glitch found on feature project footer on 'Charles Hatchett Awards 2016'.
  • Fixed a render glitch on the header video.
  • Added the logo redirect to home page link.
  • Added FCD blog profile.


  • Initial Launch of the re-branded site.


  • The previous build of FCD, now stored in the archives.

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