In order to keep operating, or help companies get back into the groove from lockdown, the government have released their latest guidance on how to encourage social distancing practices within a working environment.

We are all encouraged to still maintain a 1-metre distance from any other individual, and as the current lockdown is relaxed with more people returning to work, these new measures will need to be enforced within the workplace.

Clear and effective communication has never been more important and our team at FCD have been sourcing the best COVID-19 safety solutions currently on the market to help protect your staff, co-workers and customers. We now offer a full range of branded specialists products including; social distancing pop-up banners, signage, floor stickers, sneeze/cough guards, hand sanitiser stations +more.

Did you know it will be compulsory in England to wear a face covering on public transport from the 15th June. Even though many people don’t feel comfortable wearing a face mask, what better way to keep your brand active and current.

Here are our top picks to get you back to work safety:
  • Use floor stickers, queue barriers and bollard covers to facilitate compliance with the social distancing advice of 1 or 2 metre, particularly in the most crowded areas and where queuing is likely.
  • Place clear safety posters and signage throughout  your working environment. This will remind staff and customers of the social distancing measures and asking them to follow any  rules your have in place.
  • Erect physical barriers between work-stations, sneeze/cough guards at receptions.

You can grab one of our lightweight free-standing or wall mounted hand sanitiser stations, complete with automatic dispenser unit. FCD work with suppliers throughout the UK creating bespoke items to support businesses like yours during these times, helping them to adapt in the best possible way.

We’re all changing the way we work, so if it’s printed direct marketing, branded social distancing signage or digital content you need creating, our team are here to help! ?