The simplest of images can have the most impact

We’ve recently spiced things up on our website by introducing a group photo of the team on our about us page. The services we offer aren’t just about the final product you receive, they’re also about #TeamFCD and how we work with you to achieve your goal. We love solving problems, being creative and coming up with awesome ideas to help grow your business and engage with your target audience, without faff.

Our group photo doesn’t fall short of this motto, and it’s a great example of how much work can go into creating something seamless and effective. Each individual person is cut out using Photoshop and manipulated so everybody fits on our digitally created 4 seater sofa. Well, half digital. We have it in the studio!

(It worked us to death!)

It all started with 2 seats

The original, untouched futon was cleaned, lit and then photographed. After some tricky placement of ourselves and careful Photoshop editing, we managed to turn our 2 seat settee into a 4 seat settee, complete with talented individuals sat down. And, we even created ourselves looking like zombies as part of Halloween 2019.

Do you want us to make your team look hipster?

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