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Grooving in the 70’s

'The way we were' exhibition, Frenchgate Centre, Doncaster, has given us the opportunity to be creative in a big way.

How to set a Zoom video background

Create your very own TV set with an easy to use virtual or physical video call background

Creating a COVID Secure Work Environment

The government have released their latest guidance on how to encourage social distancing practices within a working environment.

FCDs lockdown marketing solutions to make you stand out

Here at FCD we like to think differently from other creative agencies, actually we’re well know for it! We’re always approaching business challenges in new ways, that’s way we’ve decided to create and share brand and marketing tips while STILL in lockdown. Business is about adapting, making changes and solving problems. We’re all looking for […]

We are here for you

These are extraordinary times. We all have the ability to adapt in business throughout these difficult and challenging times! Running your own business has always been a challenge and over the years we’ve had to adapt many times, if that be competition, trends, financial difficulties, digital movements or even global melt downs. Coping and reacting […]

Did you get a Party Box?

The Doncaster Business Showcase was the ideal event to start our 10 year celebrations. Watch this space throughout 2020 as we have more creative fun to come! FCD had a great time at the Doncaster Showcase on 27 Feb. We managed to secure a last minute space so put our creative heads together to see how […]

2020 is our 10th year. Happy birthday to us!

Where do all great ideas come from? The pub of course, and that’s were the decision to create the rebirth of First Class Design Ltd started. Paul had previously worked at FCD before joining a local authority studio, however knowing this wasn’t for him and that it restricted the creative ability you have working within […]

The Wonders of Sonic

#SonicMovie has hit the big screens this valentines, giving us a flutter in ye olde chest back to the 90s. Nostalgia marketing is a BIG trend lately with the release of miniature arcade and old school game machines – the latest one being the classic PlayStation One. Though, that is an interesting story in itself […]

Model Railways, I want one!

As designers we appreciate a fellow designers eye. It's the eye for detail and the eye for colour that really impresses us. But on Saturday...

Mince Pie Taste Test 2019

What is Christmas all about? That’s down to debate, but the run up to Christmas is all about ‘Who sells the best mince pie?’. The team at FCD have so many skills, it would takes us ages to list them. But our main Christmas skill is ‘mince pie testing’. It’s unofficial to the world of […]

How we made our group photo

The simplest of images can have the most impact We’ve recently spiced things up on our website by introducing a group photo of the team on our about us page. The services we offer aren’t just about the final product you receive, they’re also about #TeamFCD and how we work with you to achieve your […]

Paranormal Happenings at FCD

Our building creaks and shudders and groans. We’re not sure if it’s because of natural occurrences or the paranormal. The building has been here since 1795 and will have had many occupiers. So two of the latest occupiers, Matty and me, decided to investigate. Over a few evenings we prowled our rooms, corridors and the […]

How to make a reet good Yorkshire brew

Nah then, empty old watter out of kettle and fill wi’ fresh watter. Pop tea bag inta ya mug, pour over fresh watter and stir like a brainstorm. Wait patiently, all good ideas take time, 3-5mins should do it. This is the perfect time for a sneaky biscuit and t’ think about tha next design […]

Dark user interfaces are the hot new trend for web content

If you haven’t noticed, the rising trend of 2019 is to implement a ‘Dark Mode’ on your website “We’ve been using the light mode for years?! Surely it doesn’t matter?” – whilst it’s not important, a dark mode has its benefits and enhancements over the traditional ‘light mode’. Let’s be honest first, dark modes are […]

Huge Apology! FALSE New compulsory EU rules come in to effect today

As the UK did not leave the EU we must now comply with the new compulsory rules regarding the size of business cards which have come in to force today. The old size of 55mm x 85mm has been totally scrapped and a new standard size of 255mm x 195mm has been brought in with immediate effect.

Winner of the FCD Speed Trial takes it to the wire!

We set visitors and exhibitors a challenge to get around the FCD track in the fastest time, with a prize of a bottle of bubbley to the winner, plus prizes for second and third places.

Not many know this but St Valentine was a Yorkshireman

Way back when, Valentine Postlethwaite worked down’t pit somewhere close to Donny. He was a willey kid, nowt like a proper miner, as his Gran use to say “Our Valentines’ got muscles like knots in cotton and legs like garden canes”. He worked just off the coal face, shuvelling stuff in to trucks. But Valentines […]

It got wild on Friday

I finally took the plunge and visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park, which happened to be right on my doorstep. An adventurous place to visit if you are near the area, Yorkshire Wildlife Park offers tonnes of fun for you and the family, and is responsible for looking after over 70 species of animal. The park has […]

We are proud to be DHYP’s Charity Partner 2019

FCD are proud to announce that we will be the Charity Partner 2019 for DHYP. DHYP are a Doncaster based charity who help and support young adults between the ages of 16 and 25 who are vulnerable to homelessness. Having met the team and the young adults, and been impressed by what we saw, we […]

Rolex Exhibition at Doncaster Mansion House

The Mansion House, Doncaster, hosted a Rolex and FCD created the display graphics. The displays of Rolex watches and HL Brown jewellery looked amazing as they were set up in the Mansion House’s breath taking ballroom. We produced and set-up the backdrops and display graphics that led the guests from the main entrance through to […]

Add a spin to your marketing campaign

The FCD Spinner Ballpen is an innovative fidget spinner, with a ballpen at one end and an LED light at the other. This fun gadget is sure to attract attention with it’s light-up spinning action, touch screen stylus, ball point pen, and LED light! And, you can add your graphics and marketing message, making them perfect […]

Google Chrome & SSL, what does this mean for websites?

A lot of you may have begun to notice the “Not Secure” badge appear on your Google Chrome browser when visiting certain websites, this is a big deal and here’s why. With the rising number of ‘scam’ websites, the reputation of legitimate sites are being significantly hurt. FCD have found that users are more likely […]

BYC Edinburgh Fringe preparation

FCD have just taken delivery of some brilliant Barnsley Youth Choir, Edinburgh Fringe, Back Pack Flags! Designed and printed alongside flyers, banners and other promotional items, these back flags are an awesome way of engaging with the festival goers, enabling you to promote your event and sell tickets. Once your event is over, the back packs […]

Tour De Yorkshire 2018

Exciting day yesterday for Tour De Yorkshire, Stage 1, for Men and Women! We took a couple of photos of both races at the finishing line to help capture the event in all it’s glory, here in Doncaster (Women’s in the morning, Men’s in the afternoon). Excellent atmosphere outside the studio, too, with the racers […]

Inventing solutions that work

Video production comes with its own set of problems, some that require the invention of their own special kind of solution. We’ve just began a video project with Marcrist to produce a set of ‘modular’ videos that sell/promote their high quality tools. The idea is to have short yet informative videos produced independently of one […]

Good Vs Bad Design

The visual impact of any design is what draws attention to the message, and that’s so important because once a readers eyes have turned away from the message, they very rarely come back for a second glance. That’s why ‘Bad Design’ is bad for business. First impressions are so important too. If you turn up […]

The Garrison, live music, cocktail and sports bar, previews in Barnsley

Successfully delivering The Garrison’s branding solution, a new sports and live music venue, located in the heart of Barnsley town centre. We are proud to be a part of the branding and visual identity for The Garrison, a new sports and live music bar due to open in Barnsley on 2nd Dec. Located on Hanson […]

Morphy Richards product photography

Within FCD headquarters we have the facilities that help us create all sorts of top marketing material. This week we photographed Morphy Richards kettles using our very own, in-house photographic studio. It’s so difficult to photo a product that reflects and absorbs light at the same time. But at FCD we are masters in making […]

Security of your website & accounts, why it’s important

If you have a content management system like WordPress, security should be your number one priority after the design. Here’s how we do it: On average, a small website with around 100 weekly visitors can get at least 70 failed login attempts a day, and that’s just from one country! Overlooking security is like leaving […]

SSL Website Security: Is it really that important for your site?

84% of online shoppers abandon a website if it doesn’t have the SSL green padlock The ‘green padlock’ on a browser shows that a site has the full protection of SSL, providing a level of trust to the visitor. Security on a website is crucial as cyber attacks are becoming more and more common. SSL […]

Rebrand: FCD have been hard at work!

AT LAST! The NEW FCD branding has been launched. Re-branding other companies is what we do, but finding the time to re-brand ourselves is hard when there are only 24 hours in a day. But miracles do happen and we’ve found that elusive time. So after creative meetings, creative collisions and creative evolutions we have […]

Darton College: Beyond the Classroom

“FCD helped Darton College to engage our learners by displaying our school ethos in a host of creative ways. The team installed bold and creative concepts around the building to enhance and stimulate learning” – Public Relations & Marketing Lead. Tasked with more than just the design and installation of new signage and a prospectus, […]

Photography for Sir Thomas Wharton Academy Y11 Prom

“We were over the moon with the photography shots FCD produced for us. They captured the evening & memories perfectly.” We were asked by Sir Thomas, a local school within Doncaster, to do prom photography for their Y11’s and capture the evening event. We covered the varied, colourful arrivals and the main event, taking photos […]

Exhibition Display’s for Doncaster Mansion House

FCD had an exhibition on display in Doncaster’s Mansion House. The two 3×2 pop-ups are info boards that tell the story of James Paine, Architect for Doncaster Mansion House, and social gent of the 18th century. We designed, created and installed the displays. But we didn’t stop there, Mark dressed in costume to meet and […]

We have moved

On the 1st May 2016, we moved in to 10 South Parade