We must apologise for the mistake made when we published the EU directive. 90% of this directive was false with only the ‘to have your business cards re-designed, contact FCD’.

Hope you have a great April 1st.

As we know, Friday 29th March should have been Brexit Day.

As the UK did not leave the EU we must now comply with the new compulsory rules regarding the size of business cards which have come in to force today. The old size of 55mm x 85mm has been totally scrapped and a new standard size of 255mm x 195mm has been brought in with immediate effect. Card stock weights have also been standardised to 450gsm with a non-glare, matt laminate on both sides.

Backing up this rule, the ‘Department of Business Card Communique’ in Brussels stated that ‘during 2016 just over 37 complaints had been received by the department regarding business card illegibility. This was causing great concern and as a result, these strict but necessary rules have been put in place. Adding to the that, the Government added that ‘UK business were loosing out on some very big contracts due to tinny tiny business cards. Our motto here in the Government is MAKE BRITAIN BIGenough to read’. 

The rules for the much larger card, issued in the EU blue paper 1-42019, allows for accessibility (a large print format, fonts no smaller than 24pt) and for the content of the card to be translated in to several core European languages. The new design must also include the EU emblem which is to be clearly shown on the top right hand corner of the card, no smaller than 20mm x 10mm (although this will be altered to the Union Jack after Brexit Day).

Guidance on how Electronic business cards have to be viewed have also been brought in to force. Electronic business cards must be viewed on screens no smaller that 32 inches with again, the several core European translations of the cards content to be clearly shown plus the EU emblem.

Additional information regarding ‘how to avoid excess baggage charges when flying to a business meeting’ and ‘where can I purchase a business card trolley’ are available on request.

Business failing to adhere to the EU directive will incur a stern email.

For more information and to have your business cards re-designed to the compulsory EU standards, contact FCD.