Video production comes with its own set of problems, some that require the invention of their own special kind of solution.

We’ve just began a video project with Marcrist to produce a set of ‘modular’ videos that sell/promote their high quality tools. The idea is to have short yet informative videos produced independently of one another, then stitch them together in one big edit to produce one continuous video – very useful for exhibitions, shows, meetings etc.

As they are designed with modularity in mind, the client can freely request the removal of a tool video or swap videos around, depending on the application. We wanted to make this as easy as possible without sacrificing quality. So, we created a master template that we can use for each video, with new additions and changes to the scenes depending on a tools feature set. On top of this, we managed to make it simple for the the client to ask us to film another short video and then add it to the continuous video – without much extra production time required.

But there are some downsides to filming a lot of tool / machinery in action… dust. A lot of dust!

We needed a way to protect the camera. So we sent Mark to sit at his desk brainstorming ideas, sketching down solutions, and work out the Maths! And he came up with this…

A uniquely manufactured polymer shielding with an adjustable rubber seal to fit any sized DSLR camera that protects it from the rough elements a film set can offer.

This one-of-a-kind solution sports an almost invisible design so you aren’t losing camera usability, and features a secure locking ‘zip like’ closing mechanism to hold the DPS polymer shielding in place. Scoring 99.9% on the dust protection scale, the DPS also provides tea splashing resistance, for when the task at hand becomes thirsty work!

Get yours for as little as £15.99*!

Optional extras include:

  • A bright-yellow tag so you don’t lose it – £6.99*
  • FREE additional rubber grip for those bigger lenses
  • Easy-to-use cutting device for an adjustable mount – £12.99*

Yes OK… it’s a zip lock bag with a hole cut with scissors at the end, held on with an elastic band.. don’t spoil our dreams!


*a disclaimer was needed.