84% of online shoppers abandon a website if it doesn’t have the SSL green padlock

The ‘green padlock’ on a browser shows that a site has the full protection of SSL, providing a level of trust to the visitor. Security on a website is crucial as cyber attacks are becoming more and more common. SSL protects a site by encrypting the information sent not just when it leaves the site but also when it arrives at its destination. By doing this, it means that only the intended recipient can view it, important for sensitive information like credit cards.

A site without security leaves you vulnerable and could reduce your online marketing potential. 

Another reason to have security is that Google favours secure sites, so it helps to increase your search engine ranking too.

With every site we create at FCD, we will give advice to the client, giving them tailored security options and build the security they require in to the site.

WiFi security breaches

With the news last year of WiFi WPA2 security being cracked means that every WiFi device in your home and business could potentially get attacked. Attackers can then get access to your insecure website and all of its contents. You can watch this video by Austin Evans who shows how WiFi can be attacked and how data can be captured.

Luckily there are software updates to combat security breaches like this, but not all devices are up-dateable. At least 35% off all WiFi devices will still be vulnerable. You can protect yourself and your website visitors by using SSL encryption and making sure your software is up to date.

If you want more information about how FCD can secure your website, get in touch today.