The Property Hive

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marketing & sales material

property guide

The first thing any estate agent needs is a property guide. Most agencies buy a few pages in an existing newspaper or publication, but The Property Hive print their own newspaper-like guide to distribute around the local area.

sale boards

An estate agency isn’t complete without sale boards. We created the sales boards to be different from your traditional agency, giving customers a warm and friendly feel when selling their home.


'The Property Hive' brand was conceived during a lively brain storming session, and after bashing out idea after idea the Hive brand was born. The distinctive look and fresh name has helped them to stand out from all the competition in Doncaster.

We've created a series of marketing and sales material for The Property Hive, from sales guides to sales boards, and even vehicle graphics.


branding is more than a logo, it's how you're perceived




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