Exalens 1.0

website design + branding

simplifying a complex and feature-rich product through clean graphics and styles


Exalens provide a cyber-physical platform aimed at industries utilising smart, connected technology via linked networks. Their hardware and software security services powered by Exalen’s own AI model is able to detect and predict issues within a connected environment, preventing operational downtime and minimising costly disruption.

The goal with Exalens’ unique platform is to give easy access and understanding to all data within any system, helping to reduce the time it takes to diagnose, respond and fix any issue – whether caused by a security attack or a hardware failure with a piece of equipment like a conveyor belt.

What we did

Exalens approached FCD to create a new brand identity along with a new website, helping solidify their position in the market and inform potential leads that they’re here for the long-haul.

Simple, abstract animations were created to explain the platform fundamentals, with clear and easy to understand visuals. After numerous concept visuals, we were able to create a unique brand identity that provided flexible expansion as the years progress whilst maintaining a recognisable style.

A grid system was developed to hold the graphics allowing for flexibility with any abstract graphic we created whilst retaining a sense of ‘connection’ between different brand elements.

Concept 01

The initial branding stages focused on simplifying their complicated product by taking it down to its core – detection and visibility. We created a few relatively short marketing messages and designed graphics in the same consistent style around this concept.

We liked the feel abstract dots and lines provided as this gave the impression of a more literal representation of data. This allowed the viewer to be more immersed as the brand wouldn;’t rely heavily on the graphics to communicate the message fully.

Concept 02

We choose to introduce a teal blue as a secondary colour choice to help break-up the brands personality and communicate 2 different feelings.

Unfortunately, after discussions with the client, this design concept was too limiting and difficult to reproduce for all applications. It lacked the clarity and simplicity the first concept brought. Thus, confusing things further for the viewer.

Later (and as a homage to this concept), the teal was introduced as the primary colour for the brand since September 2023.

Animation Development & Problems That Arose

Throughout animation development, performance was going to be an issue. With the use of a few effect-rich animations, we needed to figure out how we can improve load times and increase performance – especially for older mobile devices.

We noticed the animations kept playing even when they’re out of view, with loads of shapes being created – contributing to larger file-sizes and worsened performance.

Solution: Optimisation

To overcome performance issues, we got to work optimising by re-drawing many elements within Affect Effects more rigorously to reduce shape-count. We were able to reduce this as much as 45%. Later, a new format (.lottie) was supported and this was reduced by as much as 98% in most cases.

We created website logic that automatically stopped the animations playback as soon as it was out of view – then restarted from the beginning when it came back into view.

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