A luxury website to give clients full confidence in Titus Kennels' unique & exotic dogs

We solved the problem

Titus Kennels, a fast growing business with over 4,700 followers on Instagram, presented team FCD with a major problem; How do we showcase our family of unique exotic Bully’s and American dogs, and deal with enquires more effectively?

Our solution to their problem is a website that showcases, markets and informs. We designed a site that reflects the feeling of awe that you get from being around these amazing dogs.

The inclusion of important sections like the breeding season, image galleries, and individual bio pages for the dogs, helped create a unique experience. Together with the high-end design, Titus Kennels’ clients have all the information and confidence they needed to make their choice of a lifetime.

TL;DR: FCD created a high-end website experience that matches the exotic nature of the American Bully’s that Titus Kennels breed.

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