Bollard Covers

Bespoke design included

Encourage social distancing measures with these bollard covers, excellent as a reminder for your customers (Pack of 5).

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Finished Size is 360 x 1122mm (supplied flat) printed on all 3 sides in full colour. Includes bespoke design, production and delivery (QTY 5).

Give your clients the information they need to know with this bollard cover – perfect for advertising the re-opening times for your business!

Quality you can rely on

We supply the highest quality Correx covers, sporting a 3-sided print area and come pre-creased with glue-free fastening tabs. They are suitable for bollards up to 205mm in diameter, and make for sturdy and waterproof display option. The covers are commonly used in any outdoor campaign, not just COVID-19, lasting 6 months.


FCD firmly believe bespoke design sends a better message to your clients and customers, that’s why we’ve included it with the purchase of these bollard covers. A design that matches your business and brand identity leaves a lasting impression with your customers.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our team orders@fcd.org.uk


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