I was asked this week “is the Minicard a mini app?”.

And my answer was “Yes it is”.

“It’s a mini app that sits on a clients phone and links them to your contact information together with a video pitch from you and links to all of your latest digital marketing.”

It seemed to strike a note with the client because we were asked to produce a batch of Minicards. 

So what impressed him so much?

The pitch feature

The ‘new normal’ business arena is a difficult environment in which to communicate. Getting use to doing business while social distancing and with some potential customers not wanting to leave the safety of their home, it’s difficult to get across your message.

The Minicard gets around these problems. The integrated video feature gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself and pitch, putting a friendly face in front of the customer to create a professional and highly effective communication tool.

Sharing feature

The ability for you and your customers to share your minicard that contains all of your details and your marketing is infinitum. You send the card to 20 people and they forward it to 5 people, who in turn send it to another 5 people etc. etc. etc. It really is infinite which is a massive plus against 250 printed business cards because only 250 people can have one.

Marketing info

Our client wanted a product that not only makes his contact details quick and easy to access, but also keeps them current with his marketing and company info. The minicard does just this, every time a change is made to a companies website, blog, video or social media info, the minicard is updated. So if you launch a product and want to shout about it, the minicard is the perfect vehicle to use.

The benefits of an app.

The minicard app is always working for you. Because it’s an app, all your contact and marketing information is held on the clients phone/tablet/laptop, making it available to view whether there is internet connection or not.

All of this together with your company branding and your name visible on the clients phone, the minicard is a way to impress, inform and sell.

Give it a go and let us know what you think.