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Good Vs Bad Design

The visual impact of any design is what draws attention to the message, and that’s so important because once a readers eyes have turned away from the message, they very rarely come back for a second glance.

That’s why ‘Bad Design’ is bad for business. First impressions are so important too. If you turn up to a first meeting dressed like you’ve just slept in what you’re wearing, the prospective client probably wouldn’t think much too you and odds are that you wouldn’t get the work. Putting out poorly designed marketing gets the same results.

Remember, you can’t make a first impression twice, and if you want to be the best new company on the block or to confirm you’re the established leader in the market, good design counts! All companies no matter how large or small should want prospective customers to feel a connection with their brand and understand the product or services they offer. We’ve all encountered good and bad design and people have differing opinions on what good is, however the main aim is always the same.

We find that when we talk to people they generally have an idea as to what ‘Good Design’ means to them, but the truth is that it’s hard to design your own marketing, that’s because there’s a risk of getting too emotionally involved which leads to ‘Bad Design’ decisions.

Choosing to work with a design agency can really help you make the correct decisions and take the pressure off you and your marketing team. Forging a long-term relationship with an agency has massive benefits to both parties. One main advantage is that the agency gets into your head, understands your market and becomes part of your team, setting goals, creating new strategies and achieving market share.

At FCD we believe the following points makes for ‘Good Design’, so on your next project think about the following five steps before you plan your attack!

Step One – The first key element you need to consider is your target audience, who you are aiming at, and what data do you have at your disposal? Look at your brand and marketing material, place yourself in the shoes of the audience you’re attempting to capture, would you buy the product or service on offer, if not, why not?

Step Two – Colour is vital to design. Used well, it can be immensely powerful, colour can suggest feelings and inspire emotions. Have you ever asked yourself, how does the colour make me feel? Is the colour used compatible with your branding? Does you marketing look passionate, aggressive and important or fluffy, limping and cheap?

Step Three – This might sound crazy, but words are more than just for reading. The shape and appearance of a word can say as much as the word itself. That’s why it’s important to use the correct font. Ask yourself, how many different fonts are on show in my marketing material? Too many fonts look confusing and lead to ‘Bad Design’, a balanced set of fonts that work well together create a ‘Good Design’. Fonts should be easy to follow, should attract your attention and above all, communicate. A design agency will choose the correct fonts with the personality that fits other elements within your branding. When this is done correctly, the message is powerful. When it’s done poorly, the project will struggle to have any impact at all.

Step Four – When you’re looking at a marketing project, your eyes should be taken on a journey in a way that provides you with the information instantly. Effective ‘Good Design’ will inform without being overwhelming. Badly pixelated photographic imagery, misleading info-graphics, spelling mistakes will dilute the final sales message. Let’s make sure your next project isn’t a ‘Bad Design’ piece that’s tedious and disorganised. Working together we can make sure your customers are impressed and informed.

Step Five – Finally, emotion… Your gut feeling is the best indicator of whether something is ‘Good Design’ or ‘Bad Design’. Having carefully dissected a brief or marketing project using the four steps above, how does it make you feel, and what will your potential customers think? ‘Good Design’ communicates clearly and concisely, helping your audience understand the message, helping you to achieve your goals. ‘Bad Design’ is an obstacle, misleading or confusing your message and not engaging at all with your target audience.

FCD are proud to say that we’ve built long-term relationships with many of our clients and always practice ‘Good Design’. If you want to work with a marketing agency that’s passionate about results, give us a call and we’ll stick the kettle on and have a cosy chat about ‘Good Design’.