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Darton College: Beyond the Classroom

“FCD helped Darton College to engage our learners by displaying our school ethos in a host of creative ways. The team installed bold and creative concepts around the building to enhance and stimulate learning” – Public Relations & Marketing Lead.

Tasked with more than just the design and installation of new signage and a prospectus, FCD were required to understand the vision and core values of Darton College and what the Love Learning ethos was trying to achieve. Our objective was to visually underpin the learning beliefs beyond the classroom. Working in partnership with the school team, FCD defined a strong visual identity in key areas and styled numerous environments where everyone could be inspired. We helped create an establishment they could be proud of and associate with.

Some of the work we’ve produced here are featured on our schools case study. Check it out!

Since Darton College began their initial consultation with FCD in 2015, Signage, Print, Photography, Display Graphics and Digital Work have been successfully completed.